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20 July 2008 @ 08:52 pm
I hate RAIN!!  

Posting from NY...
Had a great time at the ADM campout.  I miss Soo so much.  Ed and Scott had a great time golfing...then the monsoon struck and tents were crushed and clothes were soaked...however Soo and I were in the trailer eating lunch while looking out the window saying "boy is looks bad out there, hope Ed and Scott are staying dry."  (cut to Ed and Scott soaking wet and hanging off Laurie's tarp while trying to stop it from blowing away)  Then Soo and I made sandwiches for ourselves...

And the rain continues today....

Hopefully the rain stops when we get to Maine Tuesday night!

Current Location: Nelson, NY
Current Mood: soggy
Megan: menollymegotelek on July 21st, 2008 04:43 pm (UTC)
So...apparently you're either hot and dry or cold wet?

Also...the remote is really cool.

And! The Playstation is in the cabinet! I was wrong - the wireless controller you have is RF so it goes through the cabinet. I learned this while playing the worst game of fake football ever. The only thing is, unless John finds an infrared receiver on it while he's over there today, you will have to open the cabinet to manually turn it on/off.

So what I'm thinking is...you guys get back late Sunday night (the 3rd) right? So I can come over on Monday after work and give you the grand tour/tutorial!