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21 August 2008 @ 11:11 am
We got back from NY and have been running ever since.

Jessica was down from Oregon on the 9th and we went to My Fair Lady at Music Circus with my theatre girls.

Then we did Lake Tahoe on Sunday and it was beautiful and sunny and Megan and I got sunburns because we didn't bring sunscreen to the top of the mountain and we were SO close to the sun, we burned...
Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic, but when you are as terrified of heights as I am, riding the gondola to the top is a great achievement!  (and if you wear your sunglasses, no one can see your eyes are closed in almost all the pictures!!)  Jessica and Megan even picked out a new bear for my collection because they thought this event should be commemorated...

Then Fire and Ice for dinner.  I love the fact they have places in Boston, Cambridge, Providence...and South Lake Tahoe!

We saw Tropic Thunder and most of us really liked it, but Jessica isn't such a fan of the action movies as the rest of us, so she didn't care for it...in retrospect, we probably should have gone to Mamma Mia!

Then we did the CA State Fair on Saturday...best known for deep frying everything and serving it on a stick!  It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact they are excited about celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Fair.  I am older than the CA State Fair??  The NY State Fair started in 1841 and is the oldest State Fair in the nation.  Everything out here is still so "new", it's weird...  It's funny that it took the settlers 100 years to get out here when it only takes 5 days on I-80 now! 

Air Supply at the Fair tonight...  They may be old, but they are good enough for Brad Pitt to sing along with in Mr. & Mrs. Smith!