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15 February 2008 @ 07:58 am
Megan sent me a picture and I actually added it myself...I rock! 

Maybe the rest of the day will go so well...ha!

But tonight ,James and I are dragging Bodeen and Scott, kicking and screaming, to DISNEY ON ICE!!!  
(But I didn't tell Scott it is "Princess Wishes" or he would hang himself before we left!)  Very happy...haven't seen an ice skating show since I left NY.  Used to go with Mom.  Maybe if I ply Scott with liquor...hmmm.....we'll see how it goes.
14 February 2008 @ 07:44 am
 Must take test again and change answers!!!

My Celebrity Soulmate on the American Greetings page is...Brad Pitt??

UGH!  ICK!  

Only ever liked him in Thelma and Louise and the first Ocean's Eleven...

Maybe I need to say basketball instead of football...or money instead of family...
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12 February 2008 @ 12:03 pm
So I log on today and what does LJ say?

"You've only made 2 friends"


Did they have to say "only"?  Wow, could they make that sound more pathetic?  Luckily, stupid LJ doesn't know they are both the same person!  Guess I need to go friend hunting.  Megan?  Megan, where are you??

So I felt like saying something deep and profound when I logged on, but now I'm just depressed...

Work is beating me up more than normal lately...I want a job were when I finish something, it doesn't pop up again tomorrow.  I order 10 parts today and there are 5 more in the folder tomorrow.  I send 6 parts back to the factory for credit and one of my techs is excited because there is room for him to put down the 4 parts he brought back today.  I do the schedule for the next two weeks and a customer complains none of those days work for her and she needs something 3 weeks from now!

And Megan has to go to work at 6:00am instead of 9:00 tomorrow so she can't come over tonight.

Lucky I have such a wonderful husband or I would be miserable!  Megan and I found a fabulous pair of long, dangly, twisty errings at Kay's the night Scott was playing poker and won, so I get to keep them!  I have to wear them out to dinner in Reno because some of the poker people who paid for them will be there! 
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21 January 2008 @ 01:49 pm
I only got this for Sam, but it seemed wrong that every time I log in to check Sam's, mine says you haven't posted an entry yet.  I expected it was going to start saying mean stuff to me soon about how I haven't posted so I have no life.  But I hate the fact that when I was in my 20's I was cutting edge with computers and somehow it all passed me by when I wasn't looking and now I have Sam and all my 20-something friends do everything for me.  How sad...

I get TivO, Megan sets it up.
I get a laptop, Megan sets it up.
Bodeen helps me buy a phone and my friends enter thier numbers on it and Sam programs the speed dials.
I think the IPod Shuffle is the cutest thing ever, so Lisa says buy it, and she sets it up and Jessica and Sam download their songs on it.  (Luckily, Sam's dad raised her right and she likes alot of the same music I do)  Then Scott gets me, like, 20 Starbucks downloads that I don't do because I can't figure out how to get to my ITunes...
and the topper...Lisa opens a MySpace for me...and everyone asks why I haven't decorated my page!  Are they kidding me??

Then Megan tells me if I do Facebook, we can play Scrabble...  Seriously?  Scrabble??  Megan then has to admit she is a geek and this makes me feel better...